Taking a break from Dog Fight I decided to learn how to use PhysicsSimulate on entities and I made a little toy floating space ship in lua that was pretty fun to drive around on maps like freespace, I then remembered a PS2 game called Wipeout (I know new ones have since been released but I haven’t played those) I remember it was a pretty fun game and wanted to recreate something like that in Gmod so I started working on this.

First off this probably will be released if my current plan on what this is going to be which is a game where you and a couple of friends can set up a server and race. If I do have dedicated servers I hope to add some sort of global ranking system (like ladder points in trackmania) I’m gunna try and stay away from upgrades/unlocks except for maybe new ships which won’t have any specific advantages (like how mario kart does new ships, they have their good and bad points) anyway enough babbling on:



Ion Cannon - A single shot of pure energy. (hugs the track!)
Ion Cannon Advanced - 15 shots of pure energy in rapid fire.
Speed Boost - Left click and get a 5 second boost of speed. (Also increases handling)
Speed Boost X3 - 3 Seperate speed boosts to really get you back in the race.
Homing Missile - If this ‘sees’ a ship it will being targeting it and go red.
Shield - Protects you from all weapon damage and the slow downs associated with it.

Weapons - Ideas

Cloak - Invisible/almost for a period of time.
Shock wave - Blast your opponents off the track.
Electron Beam - Frazzle their on board computers resulting in engine failure.
Reverse Input - If you hit a ship with this they’re left and right controls are reversed for a period of time.


Only two so far the menu is here:

INCREDIBLY easy to make new ones:

local SHIP = {}

SHIP.NAME = “I-Wing MK 1”
SHIP.MODEL = “models/bennyg/spaceships/fighter/m5.mdl”
SHIP.FORCE_POINTS = {Vector( -13, 5, 0 ),Vector( -13, -5, 0 ),Vector( 25, 15, 0 ),Vector( 25, -15, 0 )}
SHIP.SHOOT_POS = {Vector(-20,0,10)}

table.insert(SHIPS, SHIP)


> Incredibly easy to add new weapons just make your entity give at an ENT:SetShip(ent) function and at the end of you init file call this:

RegisterWeapon(class, name, ammo, type, position_min, position_max, delay)

Type is an ENUM:

WEAPON_TYPE_BULLET = 1 - Bullet fired from all shooting positions of ships.
WEAPON_TYPE_MODIFY = 2 - Speed mod uses this as well as shield it parents the ent to the ship.
WEAPON_TYPE_DROP = 3 - Mines etc spawned behind ship.
WEAPON_TYPE_SINGLE = 4 - Same as bullet but only uses one shoot position.

> Which unlocks you get depend on your position in the race, last place isn’t going to want mines are they? And giving a triple speed boost to the guy in front isn’t exactly fair!

> Your best time for a particular map is saved.

> Ships can traverse almost any surface as long as its smooth enough.

> Damage isn’t done as a thing where you explode when your health runs out. You simply slow down for a second or two and then you are back on your feet.

> Uses Jinto’s physics module to allow me to set the ships max velocity to 4000i/s!


> Once again Benny made one of the ships and ported the other.

> ReaperSWE is helping to.

Any modellers out there?


The server IP is:

Currently only a test server so don’t expect a lot.

Thanks for reading!

How’s the physics on the ship? Do they hug the track regardless of gravity? If you do a loop but don’t go fast enough, will you fall off?

Either way, this looks like fun. Keep it up!

Will you be recreating the old ships and tracks?

This is AWESOME. Go go!

No you won’t fall off. I could make a special brush to turn off sticking to the track for some areas but I haven’t actually tried full loops I doubt they will work but 70 degree slopes work fine.

Perhaps, the ships isn’t much of a problem but creating tracks for this is a nightmare, I could use models but the lighting for models is shocking.


Epic, I love you conman :slight_smile:

Needs a map with curving corners, huge jumps, boosts etc.

Looks awesome so far. I hope this does get released at the end.
I wish you success.

Boosts are easy. Curving corners can be done I suppose but it will be difficult, and the current test map has a big jump in it.

Big Jump:

Steep slope:


I made a new scoreboard:

Yay or nay?

I seriously can’t wait for this. Just like Gmod Tower, but a little less…


Still needs to work inverted. That’d make it 100x cooler.

You should try get a video up or something, I wanna see how it reacts hovering around and going off ramps and jumps and turns.

Its pretty good at coping with the steep slope the ship tends to scrape against the floor for a little bit but I can’t do much about that it already applies a massive amount of force.

I tried to upload a video earlier but it wa taking too long I will shorten it later.

It does! :smiley: I tested it by changing the physics gravity to negatives it worked fine on all the slopes until it jumped and hit the roof.

Fuck yes,

Damn I loved WO

Awesome, I’ll try to join yah sometime, i still have my Origonal Wipeout Assegai contraption if you ever wanna see.

Incoming Missle!


Music was just something I was playing and fraps recorded it the rest is just 2 laps of one of my test tracks.

I think that ship should jump higher in spots that aren’t like this: /|_

I hope this isn’t going to have a payment system. It sucks, especially if you come in late gamemode and just about everyone has over 100,000 bucks. /Rant

Maybe you should have a voice system. Soming like “Warning. Incoming (name of weapon/projectile).”

It isn’t practical in racing games.