Wiping every restart. -load not fixing it.

I am renting a server through FPSPlayers and every time I restart the server it regenerates the landscape. The buildings are there, either buried or floating, as well as the trees and the ores which basically forces a wipe. How can I stop this from happening?

My command lines are
-batchmode -load +server.hostname “Rust Server” +server.maxplayers 100 +server.port 28055 +server.identity “myserver” +server.seed 999234152 +rcon.port 5718 +rcon.password “****” +rcon.ip

Through FPSPlayers the only things I can change for the command line are the server name, rcon password, and the seed.

Any advice? Hard to keep a server going when it gets wiped every restart.

It looks like for some reason the seed is not saving. I have a positive seed not 0 so anyone have any idea?

How are you shutting down the server?

I have the same problem, my server did a restart and now everything is floating. How do i fix it?
Thank u!

Had this problem. Is your world seed set to default or 0? Set it to a positive number.

Nvm… try a smaller seed? 1-10?

I’m having the same issue. I had even taken one of the #.sav files, and changed it to 0.sav with the -load command, and I’ve lost everything that we’ve built so far. All I did was a simple server restart. no floating trees or anything like that, just everything we had built is completely gone. :frowning: Anything on this?

As being mentioned in alot of topics “Don’t get too attached.” And also, some updates makes older saves incompatible.

Sean here from FPS,

Please ensure your commandline is marked in bold - by pressing the “Select” button to activate.

If you don’t do this it will default to seed 0.

Kind Regards

check out which seed was running with this save files and put +server.seed SEEDNUMBER to the start up command. don’t forget to add -load YOURSAVEFILE


and nothing more.