Wiping on 1st Feb 2pm est -- Preplan your weekend fun

Looking for a fresh start? Want to be first on a server, not late? Join us 2pm est 1st of FEB – We will have a fresh wipe, and a good amount of players for you to play with. We have some of the most fun mods for the game, and a great group of admins.

net.connect Violent Industries - oxide- — We have over 100+ players committed to Saturday launch now. We can scale up population for first day launch to help with initial influx of players. Standard pop is 128, however it is a 200 man server so we can scale it up as needed for busy times of day.

/LOCATION (SHOW COORDINATES) (1.21) -_ tells you where you are and gives a URL map to plot location.
CHAT HISTORY (1.1) – /history will show the last 20 messages.
DEATH MESSAGES (0.7) – Shows who killed who, and with what.
DOOR SHARING (DEV 1.1B) – Lets you share doors with other players, since combo locks not working right yet.
KITS (DEV1.1A) – /kit starter gives you 2 food and a stone hatchet 5 times.
LOGR (1.0.1A) – Logs kills, deaths, ext ext for admin.
MOTD (1.9) — Message of the day.
PING (1.9) – /ping Gives your ping to server.
PRIVATE MESSAGING (R5) — Lets you /pm other players
OWNERSHIP REMOVER (0.7.3) – Lets whoever placed first foundation on a structure remove ANY OBJECT/THING inside the house including pillars, ceilings, walls.
STATS (1.1) – See most kills, and deaths on server. use /shelp
TICKETS (0.1.2) – Create support tickets. use /thelp
VANISH (1.1.1) – Lets admin instantly go invisible. So he can watch hackers.
LOOT SPAWN LISTS (1.1A) — An adjustable loot table. With loot starting off with basics, and ramping up longer server is live. Stop C4 and heavy weapons first 3-4 days of server, so players who join a little late have a chance.
BASE ALARM (1.1) – Base Alarm is a plugin that alerts the player when their base is being attacked.

Rule Set:

  1. PvP
  2. RCON admin does not play. I just love to admin.
  3. No Admin abuse.
  4. No spawning items for players, except for the /kit starter items.
  5. Server wipes every 30 days.
    8.Sleepers On
  6. Every hacker complaint investigated regardless of how long they been on server. Admin won’t play favorites, regardless how big a group is on the server.
  7. Main Admin on 12+ Hours per day “Retired”. Junior admins allowed to ban/kick and fix server when main is offline. Logs of every admin command used, when, by who, on whom.
  8. Several main groups on server, willing to recruit and train new players. Come with your own group, or join one already established.
  9. 50% craft


  1. Senior admin – With a ticket system that sends offline messages to admin for support.
  2. Junior admins with the ability to Kick/ban should a hacker show up, with no other abilities.
  3. A Practice Building server for you to use, with free materials this practice server wipes daily.
  4. Its a 200 man server, scaled down to 128 players. Giving it more CPU/ram/bandwidth then a normal server.
  5. TS.ViolentIndustries.com – For you to use if you need admin help, or a place to chat with friends.
  6. DDOS protection, and backup servers we can load files into if main gets DDOS.

Add me on Steam – Justiful – If you want more details, or want to let me know your group plans to join. :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))