Wire Addon (and UWSVN info)

This post was originally posted by Erkle, who seems to have disappeared from Earth, probably abducted by aliens. I have edited much of it to be more up to date with our current release of wiremod.


Wire Addon! (Wiremod)

Official website: www.wiremod.com
Wiki is here.
Tutorials: Wiremod tutorials


Read this first: 

IRC Rules
Mibbit applet to IRC: http://gamesurge.net/chat/wiremod/
Direct IRC Link: irc://irc.gamesurge.net/wiremod

The current release is ALWAYS distributed via SVN, or on very rare occasions, released by a wiremod team member on the wiremod.com forums. No, we will not release anything in ZIP files if asked. Wire is updated quite a few times a week, fixing bugs, adding/removing content, etc., and we do not like having people ask us why something is broke when it was fixed 5 revisions ago.
Divran’s SVN Tutorial: SVN Tutorial

If this is the first time you have downloaded wiremod, then note this guide. With wire being a very large addon, we distribute it in three different components. The more closely you follow this guide, the easier it is for us to help you if it goes wrong.
Download Here!

Advanced users:

You should know what to do with this.


This addon allows the creation of automated contraptions driven by sensors and logic gates linked together with wires. If you’ve played Mind Rover you’ll know what I mean.

Currently includes[ul]
[li] Arithmetic gates: + - * / min max[/li][li] Comparison gates: = < > <= >= [/li][li] Logic gates: AND OR NOT XOR, along with the more complex ones, NAND, NOR, and XNOR.[/li][li] Indicator. Changes color to show the state of a wire.[/li][li] Thruster. Like a normal thruster but controlled by wire.[/li][li] Speedometer. Reports current velocity.[/li][li] Ranger. Reports the distance of an object in front of it.[/li][li] Wire Tool. For the actual wiring.[/li][li] MUCH more.[/ul][/li]
Advanced Stuff:[ul]
[li] Computer ASM, memory emulation, graphical programming.[/li][li] Expression 2 processor for extreme control. Can even manipulate non-wire props and components[/ul][/li]
Some old videos (linked here to show concept, some or all of the components shown may no longer apply):


Wiremod Support:

We do not offer support here on the facepunch forums for our addon. While we might answer a few questions if any of us come across it, the simplest way to get help is to just ask here:
Help Forum
PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO THE INFORMATION IN THE STICKIES. While many times we don’t ban on sight like here on facepunch, we do have an infraction point system. Not to mention that we will just link you to the stickies over and over again until you get it through your thick skull into your peanut brain to actually read them.

Or, you can try the IRC channel, but remember, it’s where many of the wire elite go, and many of them have elitism pouring out of every orifice on their body.

How to Contribute

We are always looking for more able souls to sell to the demon of wire. If you find a bug, reporting it is one thing, but writing a patch and submitting it in a unified diff would be much better. Just post it in the suggestions forum.

Of course it’s also nice to have more support people on our forum coming up with ideas and helping the newcomers too.


**Wire Extras SVN**:

The Wire Extras SVN is a project where a number of wire based tools are collected and placed into a single repository. These tools were not accepted into the Wire SVN repository because none of the wireteam chooses to offer support for these tools, or the creator does not have commit access to the Wire SVN.

Information and download here:
UWSVN Home Thread

Please read the thread’s “Where to ask questions:” section if you are having an issue with a tool that is part of the UWSVN.[/release]

Basics of Wire:

Components need to communicate through links. We call these links “wires,” but they are little more than just flashy effects so that you have a visual representation of what is going on. In order for you to link components with wires, we use the wiring tool. To use the actual wiring tool, you will nearly always link the input of the destination device first, then to the output of a source. To put it simply, it’s like building a one way street, starting from the entrance of the destination, and building backwards to the exit of the place you are coming from.

Many components have more than one input/output. Some will do arithmetic, others are simply ON/OFF chips. Remember, no components that I know of actually say “OFF” or “ON” when they are off or on, they actually use 0 for off, and 1 as on. Many things will even accept other inputs too and still act in the on state (since in a numerical Boolean world, 0 is false/off, anything except 0 is true/on)

Door with two buttons example:
if you want to make it so that a door opens when two people pushes two different buttons simultaneously, you would wire the door’s controller to an “AND” gate. Then, wire BOTH inputs of the “AND” gate to two different buttons, one input for each button. The buttons need to have toggle deactivated, and output 0 for the “OFF” state by default, and 1 for “ON” when pressed. If your door is configured to accept 1 as ON, and both buttons are pressed, the AND gate will also turn ON, opening the door.

The AND gate basically says this: "When Button A is ON AND Button B is ON, output “ON.” Remember, they don’t actually say “ON” when communicating, it is either 1 or 0.

You’ll need to have a deeper understanding of logic circuits to make the more complex contraptions though, these are the cornerstone of wire.

If you are new to wire, stick to the Wire Control-Gates, Wire Physics, Wire I/O, and wiring tool until you get the hang of it.

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Nice to see reminders for those who don’t know, and explanations of what could happen if you don’t try to learn yourself.

I’ve has the wire and adv duplicator SVN’s for a long time, good info though.