Wire and Adv. Dupe.

Where can I download Wire, and Adv.Dupe? Ive looked all over for them and I cant find them.

Interesting if you’ve looked everywhere, because just searching for “Wiremod” on Google brings me to their official site: www.wiremod.com
If you want a direct link to their SVN tutorial on how to install it, http://www.wiremod.com/forum/installation-malfunctions-support/4-wiremod-svn-guide.html
(Advanced duplicator follows with Wiremod)
Also, next time use Help & Support for stuff like this.

I’m having a lot of trouble installing it, maybe a youtube video would be nice.

I’m not really sure how there can be a lot of issues installing it, there’s already a written tutorial on the post above that I made a week ago. And if you want a YouTube tutorial, why aren’t you just searching for it? There is literally houndreds of tutorials on it.