Wire Anti noclip?

Is there a way to make it where people cant noclip through your props using wire.

When people noclip into bases it kind of defies the point of a base to me.

there is a tool titled “anti-noclip”

get it.

Normally servers don’t have that tool.

use a pain field generator, its in wire field generators under wire physics.
or a fire field generator
or a pressure field generator
or a radiation field generator
or… you get the idea.

I think those only work with props.

nope! Only problem is it kills ANYONE who gets too close >_>

I could try making something like this, And get it added to the UWSVN maybe.

So you want something like the anti-noclip stool, Controlled like a wire weld latch?

Yea, that would be amazing.

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