Wire automatic crossing

HI its me Jondude AGAIN i need some help with wire im no pro but i want to know how i could possibly make a pair of automaticly triggering railroad crossings that react to a train in a map as in this train is one runing on the map not one i made (im posting this ingame so my spelling might be WAY off im also very tired so dont judge me by my spelling) if anyone can help in ANY way i would be happy even someone saying its impossable will be fine

You must use: wire hydrolic, memory toggle, 2 rangers, constant value, gate or(any), 2 gate less then

Constant value, 1:50 2:120 3:20
Ranger, range 20, show beam, output dist.
Hydrolic lengte to memory toggle out.
Clk of the memory to or(any) out
Onvalue of memory to the constant value 2
Offvalue of memory to the constant value 1
Or(any) A to 1.less then out
Or(any) B to 2.less then out
1.Less then A to 1.ranger dist
1.less then B to constant value 3
2.Less then A to 2.ranger dist
2.less then B to constant value 3

Change the constant value 1 and 2 for THE hight of the boom.

This should work.

thank you for that! now all i need are some lights to go along with that. you know how to help me out with that?

For this you can get a tutorial on youtube.com

But here it is to.
Edit: i have changed for you.

Use: gate add, gate floor (round down), gate multiply, gate round, 3 gate if then else, gate timer, 2 wire light,gate memory toggle out, constart value 1:255 2:1 3:0

Memory toggle Clk to or(any) [previous treat]
Memory toggle Onvalue to constant value 2
Memory toggle Offvalue to constant value 3
timer run to memory out
timer reset to floor (round down)
floor (round down) A to timer out
round A to timer out
Add A to round out
Add B to constant value 1
Multiply A to round out
Multiply B to memory toggle out
1 if then else A to 2 if then else out
3 if then else A to 2 if then else out
1 if then else B to Add out
3 if then else B to Multiply out
2 if then else A to Memory toggle
2 if then else B to Constant value 1
1 Light Red to 1 if then else out
2 Light Red to 3 if then else out

i have something like that. its a wire police light thingy used in klaykings dupe pack. i just messed with the wiring to make it red and whatever colors i want. but i want to make that automatic so it triggers when the train on the map goes through the set of tripwires one tripwire will start the lights flashing, and the other will make them stop.

here is the link to his dupe pack (i couldn’t link you to the tutorial to what im using because i cant connect to the web page) what i used is the wire police lights at the bottom of the description: FORGET THE LINK

o wow my mistake that’s the same tutorial lol how can i make that automatic like i said above though? the map i am on is rp_cityway_v1 which has some auto trains on it

Yes, well if you follow my previous treat, then it’s automatic. I have changed allready :wink:

sorry but im a little confused i get confused easily with anything with numbers. could you put it all into one big post with what i need to toggle on the tools and what wires to what… if a video of it being made in game could be made that would help SO much but if you cant then just post it in one simple post with what to do because im newer to wire because i used to love to build my contraptions the old fashion way with a ball n socket tool, hydraulic/thruster and those dumb (no offense garry) gmod lights.

Give me some time and you have à vidio tutorial
1 à 2 hours but it is then netter then what i posted