Wire Ball Socket?

Is it possible to have a wire adv ball socket that can be toggled on and off? Weld latches work for some things but a wire ball socket would give a lot more flexibility for some contraptions.

Wire clutch is essentially that.

I get really strange effects with wire clutch as weights increase though.

increase the weight of the clutch, increase the power of the clutch.:dance:

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I’ve yet to find a good use for wire clutch, other than when making engines and as a brake. It does make a nice brake system though.

wire clutch doesn’t work for me :saddowns:

Not for me either, I get LUA errors as I try to spawn it.

Hmm you mean increase the weight of the actual clutch controller?

I hope not, as that would do absolutely nothing.
Except maybe make the clutch controller sag like old person titties.

Any news on how to fix it?