Wire-based fading door?

Hello generic Facepunch people.

Is there a wire fading door? I have not been able to find one.

And if there is not, Could somebody make one? I don’t know lua myself, but I can help with debugging etc.

I know there’s one about somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. In the meantime, you could try using a Wire Numpad Output to activate the door.

You can use lexical’s fading door with wire also. Just don’t select a key and wire it.

Create a fading door that is not toggled.

Create a Wiremod Numpad Output under category [Wire - I/O] and make sure the numpad is set to the one with the fading door you want.

Wire the Wiremod Numpad Output to a button or anything that has an output that is toggled.

You now have a wire fading door.

You can also have my owner only e2 that acts as a button that only you can use it.

@name Owner Only Button
@outputs A
@persist B
@model models/dav0r/buttons/switch.mdl
if (owner():keyUse() && owner():aimEntity() == entity()) {A = 1, timer("delay",250)}

if (clk("delay")) {B=1}

if (A==1 && B==1 && owner():keyUse() && owner():aimEntity() == entity()) {A = 0, timer("delay2",250)}

if (clk("delay2")) {B=0}

Oh, yeah, sorry for any confusion -

I am perfectly capable of using them with the wire numpads, problem is that if, say, I spawn a few of the same vehicle then shit goes a bit wack when one person activates everything etc etc.

Lexical’s fading door… time to find.

Here, i uploaded it for you:


Plonk it in your addons folder.