Wire: Button Keypad

Hello! Im looking for somebody or a guide to teach me how to make a keypad out of buttons for a fading door.

I’ve seen this before and I think its kinda cool, if not very usefull.

As you might guess, Im a noob with wire, know a few stuff with target finders and timers and so on, anyway, I would appriciate your help!

Thank You

It comes with a keypad for wire too, but isn’t a fading door a tool that’s not on wire?
But, in the keypad still comes a wire keypad.

And I also suggest

Sorry, I mean a “keypad” of buttons, so its like 1 button it says 1 on, and 1 it says 2 on and so on, made of ingame buttons, not a download, something u make ingame

I know u don’t want a download or something.
But I don’t understand you.

Cheezebuttons, these are skins of buttons.
I hope this is what you mean.
I don’t really understand what you mean with a “keypad” of buttons.