Wire car

Ugh I feel stupid asking but… Does anyone know of a good tutorial for making a realistic wire car (like movement without thrusters maybe forcers? and suspension and actual steering?)

Here is the video of me building a simple hydraulic steered car.
You can of course use this E2 in a different way, and not have wheels turn the way I did. As I said this was just an example.

This is the code:

@name Car Hydraulic Controls
@inputs A D
@outputs Hyd1 Hyd2
#Hyd = StartValue + (Input1 - Input2) * ChangeValue
Hyd1 = 50 + (A-D) * 25
Hyd2 = 50 + (A-D) * -25

Build your car.
Spawn the hudraulics.
Check the value on the hydraulics, to get the “StartValue”.
Change “50” in the code to your StartValue.
Wire it up.
Try the car.
If the wheels turn too little or too much, change 25 and -25.

The thruster is made using a simple subtract gate.
“A” to the Adv Pod’s “W” and “S” to the Adv Pod’s “S”.