Wire-Control Gates [Problem]

Hello All

I have been asking myself and everyone this question so many times and i still do not understand.

I know there is “Gates tool” but where is all the gates under Wire-Control i mean i have seen all of the gates shown on some servers and most have only Gates tool + E2 + CPU.

Heres a picture to show you what i mean

Most Servers

Some Servers

I want my server to be the second pic and not the 1st, i have updated all my wire, i use tortorseSVN, i put my wire in my addons folder in my server and still nothing.

Please tell me why


It depends on the wiremod version the server have.
The first picture is the newest version.
The second picture is the older version.
Hope you understood.

How do i make my server the older version then, but still have the latest updates…don’t know how to explain it

Well, you cant get the older version, cuz the updates from garrysmod, breaks the older wiremod versions. You will find the all the gates in the wire - control tab.