Wire: Did it ruin GMod or is it a good idea?

Did wire ruin GMod? Or do you think its ok, great or awsome (you, know what I mean)?

I think it’s a good idea because it’s optional, and if you choose to use it, it adds an absurd amount of depth to what you can make.

I’d say the only downside is that since it’s so popular, most servers have it and if one didn’t want to use it, they’d still have to download it anyway. Even then, it’s not a huge deal, it’s not like Wire is that big of an addon.

tl;dr: It’s fine. Some people are too hardcore-old-school to accept that others enjoy it.

Wire is fucking amazing.
Without wire I would have left Garry’s Mod ages ago.

The fuck is boxworthy about this statement?

wire is awesome if you know how to use it, but imo it killed off simple contraptions.

I love wire. It means that gmod has way more building depth. Once you find youself getting bored with the standared tools and building style, there’s a whole new option. Like a new challenge to undertake.

:eng99::slick:Garry’s Mod is great alone,:smithicide: but once Wire was added it gave a great depth to the game, but sadly it also creat the:happyelf: “FAGGET SERIOUS GMOD PLAYERS”, ugh they piss me off.:gizz:

You know what pisses me off?
People who use a metric fuck ton of random and completely unrelated emotes. You.

On topic:
I love to go into servers that have wire installed but nobody has ever even heard of it. They call me a wizard hacker and threaten to call Garry and ban me.

I’m not a fan of the “omfg y no wire srvr sux” crowd. I’m also not a fan of “is it wired?” in regards to things that don’t need to be wired. Other than that, I don’t mind wire that much.

thanks for the reply but this is a wiremod discussion thread not a bitch and whine thread


Also, I’m on the fence with wire. I like to use it but whenever I host servers nobody likes it on.

emo cons= eye drawing to what im saying :sun:

Without it we would still drive barrel cars and fly in space only with physguns))

I think it ruined it because I used to enjoy coming on servers just to see what everyone was building with their basic tools. But now I just see people standing next to a PHX plane with a expression gate on it and they’re standing still coding it. Don’t like it at all.


What is wrong with that?

This is a copy thread, USE THE SERACH FUNCTION!

I don’t like expression, it’s boring seeing people staring onto the floor doing nothing but coding ( like PieClock said). But I do like wiring simple stuff, such as gates with hydraulics and helis.

This is just like ‘Did computers ruin the world?’.

Oh and, yay code.
Well, programs have to play something.

Another of these threads?

Let’s do my “wire sucks” copypaste…

Let me refer you to this…



Making a very easy vehicle is fun(like a “dog”) But making a pety that follows you is even cooler! I love wire.


You know, I was getting bored after a while, building numpad driven planes og barrel cars.

Normal Garry’s Mod: Physics n’ crap. Got to do it right.

Wiremod: Can give some experience in programming, can allow certain things that weren’t possible otherwise. But it does make things that otherwise can be done with vanilla stuff easier.

Either way, you might be able to learn from the two sides.

I really don’t like wire. It’s cool to see contraptions made with it and all, but there’s too many wire-oriented servers. I can’t find a single server where you can make a simple blast door house and not get yelled at.