Wire expression 2 help

I am hopless with e2 and was wondering if anyone could give a link to usefull e2’s. Preferably one that i could use for a strike fighter im building at the moment on Nodex, please dont post just ti say go to the wiremod website and im well aware i cant spell

Thanks xV AL13N Vx aka XanyholesagoalX

Go into garry’s mod discussion. search for a thread named Divran’s E2 thread.

So wait, are you looking for pre-coded E2’s or tutorials on speaking the E2 language?, because honestly even if you download a pre-coded one you are going to want to make some modifications to it, in which case you may want to review a tutorials on writing your own E2 chips.

Im looking for a pre-coded e2 chip and i have been learning the basics of e2 for a few weeks now. And thank for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile: