Wire Facer question

Is it possible to weld a facer to a moveable object, ie a vehicle? I’ve tried countless methods mostly involving weld latches/ballsockets/axis’ etc. I’ve also searched all the places I’d have expected to find information about it, yet to my research has not been talked/asked about.

So, any help? My auto-facer-turrets would be even sweeter on the back of my jeep.

Bump. More hair loss has occured.

I really want to know this too.

Thank you for bumping a nearly two month old question, I had forgotten about it.
I gave up on this as I stopped being lazy and started to make the same thing with gates (well, Wire). This allows for it being mounted onto anything.

ask on wiremod forums

Wiremod forums were just as useful answering the question as FP were. If you want to make this just make a facer with wire and mount it onto something.

Place an adv podcontroller on the back of a seat. Goto easy precision / weld and untick the first two. Click easy precision / parenting and parent the facer to the pod controller. You now have a portable facer.

You bumped a 1 year old thread.

where do i get wire facer?

Lock Please ^^, Joke im not the admin here :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm i think the Facer might be a Wire Extra, if its not a standard wire tool.

Thanks for answering this also, i wanted to know too.