Wire Field Generators

Found this a long time ago, decided to post it today.

Radiation field: Damages any player or NPC’s health that walks within the radius of the field.
Regeneration: Heals any player or NPC within the radius
Attraction: Basically a magnet for props, may or may not work for players, I forget.
Ignite: Lights shit on fire!
Repulsion: Repels anything within the radius.
Pressure: I forget, probably a gravity increase.
Vortex: Spins stuff around like a tornado.
Electromagnetic: I also forget what this one does.

If anyone hosts this on a server, I’d like the IP or name or something. No servers ever have this.

No server has this because it can cause lots of harm.

There is a version on the unnofficial wiremod svn that only can harm stuff you own or pp buddies own.
I recommend you not to download the version that has been posted here!

Also most wiremod stuff gets deleted on gmod.org because YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO UPLOAD IT!

For example you can make a field of fire the burrns everyone and never goes out, even if you destroy the generator.

You need to find a server with UWSVN, although that version doesn’t affect non-PP buddies.

One server is Stramic (, which I happen to be an administrator on.

It affects everyone and everything like the old version if you’re admin. Heh heh…

So, theese are like anomalies from the STALKER series?

Pretty much, EMP is really fun, it sets all wire input components within the radius to have random values.

Once, I found an RP server that had these on the server, and no one knew about them. I set up the phase field with a huge radius and tied it to a numpad key. I could tap the key to jump through doors and props and steal drugplants and money printers from the other players :v:

I should try that thanks!

I’m gonna go try this,. You have my DL!

EDIT: Umm, it spawns as an error, I looked at the init.lua, and it said this:

local MODEL = Model( “models/props_lab/binderblue.mdl” )

I have that prop, the filepath is good, why wont it work? I even tried changing the filepath to make it a borealis blue barrel, still no good. It just spawns as a big error sign. Why would this happen?

I don’t know, I think it’s your Gmod honestly, that prop is from HL2 and therefore comes with gmod.

I know it comes with GMod, but I have no idea why it does this, my GMod doesn’t have errors like this with other things.

Try re-installing the addon, other than that I really don’t know why it would do that. Also, check if the model works with everything else. I think Wire Igniter and Wire Forcer both have that model as a choice.

Okay, I’ll try that.