wire help

i was watching president moose vid how to get space build and when i used the space build svn they all worked perfectley except wire please put in the comments a working svn url code thx =)


How about trying the wiremod site if you are having problems with wire?


Follow the post below and DON’T DOWNLOAD ADV DUPE 1


Here’s the thread for Adv Dupe 2 if you want it also :slight_smile:

Thx so much guys ill try right away

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It says the wire and the dup svn dont exist please help

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it wants username and password authentication whats that

You’re using TortiseSVN, correct?


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i put in svn code click yes it comes up with username and password and if i click ok with nothing in it fails svn what is the user name and password

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Please help :3

Video/screenshot? I’m can’t reproduce this.

how do you screenshot sorry i am a noob

Download puush.