Wire hologram and sound emitters broken

Hey guys, I recently did an update SVN on my wiremod folder, went ingame to work on some hologram shit and it wouldn’t let me spawn it. Something about a nil value, blue text in the top right. Same goes for the sound emitter. I haven’t added anything new for a long while, I don’t know whats going on. I checked others and I found that my text screen wont work either, I get that blue text with a nil value.

I removed the folder and started with a fresh SVN, but alas, it’s still broken. Anyone have any idea if this is just a problem with me, or are there other people having similar issues?

I noticed in the revision logs about some nil values with the holo emitter, but it still is borked for me. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Edit: Here is the code that shows up. Did more testing, everything except the hud indicator in display is broken.

wire/stools/tool_loader.lua:48: attempt to call method ‘ToolMakeEnt’ (a nil value)