Wire Hydraulic Strength Help?

So i had the great idea of making a plane with a ball with rotors in the center, for cool design.

And I used Wire Hydraulics and the “If then else” gate to make the rotors tilt when i press w a s d by putting the hydraulics from the center of the top disc to the four corners of the bottom disc.

But when i hold down w or s and then press a or d the disc that tilts starts turning (As you can see the phx disc lines and phx dome lines don’t align anymore)

Soooo i don’t know, do i have to make the hydraulics stronger? (How do I even do that) Or something else?
Thanks in advance, hope you guys reply soon. Also would be nice for suggestions on improving the build, turret, E2, and so on.

Oh yeah, and I ballsocketed the tilting plate, with precision.