wire keyboard to stargate

Hey guys i have bin going over the internet searching for a tutorial how to wire a (wire mod)keyboard to a stargate.
But i don’t have a clue how to do that so i began trying with no success.
Any help will be appreciated.



nevermind i got it working

So, why don’t you post the solution:)? Ppl are suppose to search before they post. So next time some1 searches on this, there will actually be a solution in here:)

okay ill post here to get it to work
first step grab you wired keyboard stool and spawn a keyboard anywhere you like
second step grab youre wire tool and point it at the stargate then you should see a little box with with writing on it it should say “Dial Address”(if not cycle with right mouse button) then click left mouse on the stargate
third step go to youre keyboard and click on it you should see memory(in the little box)if so click again on the keyboard if not cycle with right mouse button now you’re finished
(click on the the keyboard type in a address and click enter)


thanks a lot i been needing something like this :smiley: