Wire Keypad

I want to make a fort where I have a Wire keypad outside and a wire button on the inside, made with hydraulics. All of the tutorials I look at are either not wire or just a keypad. Any Help?

Try wiring the keypad and the button to an ‘OR’ logic gate, and wire the hydraulics to the ‘OR’ output.

Ok I will try it!


For some reason I can not get it to work. (I suck at Wire!)


OR does not have an output?

Of course the OR gate has an output. Use the Wire Debugger tool to view an entity’s inputs and outputs:


An OR gate checks all of its inputs. If ANY of them return True (typically a 1, but can be any number greater than zero), then the OR gate returns True as well.

Here’s an example of how the OR gate works. The two buttons are wired to the OR gate’s A and B inputs. Screens have been placed to show the values involved.

In this picture, the OR gate is asking itself “Are any of my inputs greater than zero?” The answer is no, so the OR gate returns a 0:


Now, one of the buttons is sending a 1 to the OR gate. Remember, if ANY of the OR gate’s inputs are true, the OR gate returns 1:


In this final case, both of the buttons are on. Again, the OR gate is looking for ANY inputs that are greater than zero, so it returns a 1 again:


kk thanks