I run a dark RP server, I wanted to put wire mod onto the server, i placed it into the addons folder, when people join the server people can use the tools, but everything is appearing as an error signs, whats the best solution to this problem?

Did they say it’s coming up as errors, or is it coming up as errors for you?

If it is for them, have them download WireMod.

If it’s for you, then I dunno.

Also, where can I find wiremod?

Same issue here.

They need the Wire Model Pack, I’ve had this before and when I installed the wiremod SVN (take note that I did this back in GMod 12) with the Advanced Duplicator, etc and it worked. I have a great sense that those people need wiremod themselves or just the wire model pack supplied with wiremod itself.

I put the same addon in my garrysmod that I did in the server’s and I have no luck.