Wire Mod Crash

Ok, a few days ago, I noticed that whenever I selected wire thruster, wheel, numpad input, button, etc. tool, Garry’s Mod crashes with “hl2.exe has stopped working and has to close”. Any ideas?

p.s. my OS is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

do you use wire SVN? If so update.

yes I did update it recently

Did you pirate Gmod?

If not, take this on the wire forums as well: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/.

No, I did not and thanks for the link

Wiremod doesnt work for me at all. I downloaded it from the wiremod site and from garrysmod.org and it hasn’t worked at all. Neither has the SVN or PHX. I’m going to try to redo PHX3 in a couple seconds but any ideas about wire mod?

Do you get any error messages? If so, what?

Try this when you’re at it: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

No error messages, it just isn’t there. I downloaded "wiremod models’ off garrysmod.org
and i realized that it doesnt come with wiremod (I assumed so but was aching to get this so I’d try almost anything)I was bummed but even all the models were Errors. I’m guessing I need wiremod which I can’t seem to obtain. Thnkz to the other post but I’m gonna try a less complicated way.

the same thing happens to me and i want it to stop.

Learn to READ.

28th May 2009


Do this:
Note in step 13 there is a link that you must follow if you are downloading Stargate or Wiremod.