Wire Mod Problem

I’ve been having this problem for a while now but didn’t realize it was Wire. I reinstalled Wire using the SVN and whenever I spawn, the only weapons I have are the Physgun, Camera, and Toolgun. All my other guns disappeared. I even trying killing myself to see if it was a spawning problem but I still only had the three weapons. When I select the Toolgun, I get this error:


If anyone could help me out here, I would appreciate it because I’ve never had this problem before with Wire.

Update your wire to get rid of that error.

OK, well I updated them and I also found a folder from Wire that it didn’t include in folders to move so I deleted that. I’ll go test and edit this post with results.

I updated wire, but it looks like nothing was updated because it would say:

The error message is gone but I still have a problem with weapons.

You didn’t need to delete whatever it was you deleted. Updating Wire fixes the problem.

OK, well I noticed I’m still getting an error message and also the guns don’t show.


I tried reinstalling and installing again, still have the problem.