Wire mod

Can someone send me a link to a good wire mod 'cause i cant find.Thanks :downs:



no help what so ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Follow this tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324 (it’s the OP of the second link whosdr posted)

If you were hoping for someone to link you to a convential download from garrysmod.org or thereabouts, then that’s the wrong way to go about it. Wiremod is updated all the time, and it uses an SVN to let you keep your installation up to date easily.

well on my old comp i got from garrysmod.org weird

Never get Wiremod from Gmod.org. Any versions found on Gmod.org are deleted as soon as possible. If you somehow manage to download if off of Gmod.org anyway, you’d still need to re-download it after about a month because of some stupid bug which was fixed 2 months ago.
Using SVN is easier because it only downloads the 1 or 2 files which were updated, instead of the entire addon all over again.

i dont trust that at all, it seems like spyware of some sort i would rather not have wiremod .

Did you really just say SVN is spyware

SVN is far from spyware. Its a system designed for downloading repositories, made in 2000. Pretty much the most useful thing, if you are a developer constantly developing a program or module. Thats why wire uses it.