Wire Mod??

Hey, what is wire mod ive heard alot about it but i dont know what it is and what it does

Wiremod is a fun addon that allows you to basically program your own contraptions to do enless things. there is almost no limit to the things you can do with wiremod and it is worth getting even if you dont know how to use it.

Visit the wiki for some tutorials to help get you started.

Some examples of things you can do with wiremod is:

make a remote controlled car
make a timebomb
make a videogame
make a hologram
make an automated box machine
make a crane game
make an airplane that moves using WASD controlls

If you think this sounds nice, here’s a link for download:
NEVER download wiremod from garrysmod.org. Never!


Also, I would really recommend these tutorials:


alrighty then im gonna get it

All the people who downloads it from gmod.org bawws about seeing errors and start spamming shit. It should be removed, but if they remove it no one (since all are dumb) will download it

i got the one involving svn not the one from garrysmod.org

im going to start looking at the tutorials and see if i can get my head round wire

Do u hav phx? not from gmod.org i mean?

i do


oh wait no, i dont have the svn version of phx were would i get it?

See, your one of these. I’ll be kind: search on google.

Why are you so cruel to the nubz?

Cuz’ nubz are nubz.

I cant help it, can expect me to know were to get these things can you?

wrong section.

Wiremod is the addon used by almost everybody. It was made by elitist douchebags who think that anybodyusing Vanilla GMod is a complete and utter idiot

It can be usefull, as it can do quite alot of things in a few clicks that you would need to spend hours creating with Vanilla GMod, but I prefer it that way.

[sp] For you idiots who don’t understand what I was doing in my post (SeveredSkull), I have been reading too much uncyclopedia recently[/sp]

yes… but who cares ahref…

is the SVN link for PHX3


lol you posted like 3 seconds before me. whats with the random URLs in your thread? no one cares about your profile, or that stupid picture you posted… Wire mod website was helpful so why the hell did you hide it under “elitist douche-bags” which they are most definitely not since they contributed probably the most popular extension addon to garrysmod

ive watched 3 tuts on wire mod so im going to go try to make sum basic stuff

I can help you out a little, PM me if you want.

I care this is a lua question section. Not a general lets help noobs section.

less of that please we were all noobs at one time