Wire money detektor ?!

where the hell do i get it ?
i see some download ables at gmod.org but i’ll need it for wire…
and yes i have wire, and i have updated it… help plz

its not that hard to make

first you go to your wire tab

then you go to money detector

then spawn one (it will look like a breen clock)

then spawn a screen (not a text screen just a normal screen)

set the first value to money or cash and check the box for one value only

then get your wire tool and click on the screen first then on the money detector (you must click the screen first or else it wont work)

then put the detector anywhere you want

hope that helps.

oh yeah i know that, but i don’t have the money detektor, the tool…

well atleast not in single player mode… i can spawn it onlline…?

if you dont have the money detector tool, then you have a screwed up wire mod. download the svn

delete and redownload wire ?

The money detector doesn’t come with wiremod. James M is an idiot.

It might be in wire extras but I doubt it, so try searching garrysmod.org for it.

Here, I think this is it. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=90117

there is wire extras ? well onine it is in detektion section… well i’ll try thx

your an idiot it came out with wiremod everyone has it you guys have an out of date one. download the real one the newest updated version.

detektor Yo!


Look, I don’t know what version of Wiremod you have (Probably one from garrysmod.org or something), but the Wire Money Detector DOES NOT come with WireSVN.

i got the svn version and it came with it. all the better for me i guess.

It was removed as it was RP-Centered.

Detector… :downs:

Edit: OP you need to learn how to spell and get a unique username.

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