Wire Mouse Aimed turret

I need help making a mouse aimed turret that uses gates and not EP2, it would also be nice if it doesnt use a becon. As far as i could understand it was vector thruster, delta, to chair but i still get stumped, if anyone could help that would be great! Tutorials are welcome

Mouse aimed turrets that don’t use an Expression 2 would have to use a beacon sensor. There are probably ways of making turrets without beacon sensors but I don’t know of any.

1: Spawn these gates:

  • Delta
  • Multiply (Let’s name this multiply “nr 1”
  • Multiply (And this one “nr 2”)
  • Add
  • A Constant Value with the values “10” and “2”
    2: Wire:
  • The Delta to the Beacon Sensor’s Bearing
  • Multiply nr 1’s “A” to the Delta
  • Multiply nr 1’s “B” to Constant Value 10
  • Multiply nr 2’s “A” to the Beacon sensor’s Bearing
  • Multiply nr 2’s “B” to the Constant Value 2
  • Add’s “A” to the Multiply nr 1
  • Add’s “B” to the Multiply nr 2
    3: Wire any thrusters needed to the Add
    4: The above tutorial is only for left/right movement (Bearing). If you want up/down movement as well, do it all over again for Elevation.

Here’s an Expression 2 code that does the exact same thing as mentioned above:

@name Delta System
@inputs Bearing Elevation
@outputs BearingOut ElevationOut
@trigger all
BearingOut = $Bearing * 10 + Bearing * 2
ElevationOut = $Elevation * 10 + Elevation * 2

Would a gps work all the same with a Adv pod controller?

How do you mean?

nvm about the last one, but i tried how u did it and it didnt work :frowning: