Wire Music Studio

This is a project that started as a simple holopiano and then slowly evolved into something awesomely fun. It’s essentially a minimalistic remake of FL Studio’s piano roll with EGP. The video explains it best:


Interaction is pretty easy, left click to place a note in the edit area, play a key, or select an option. Right click to remove a placed note. E will move the playbar to the specified area. Chat commands are done for more complicated functions:
!load will load the specified file, eg: “!load aerodynamic”
!save will save the current song with the specified filename, eg: “!save mortal kombat”
!clear will clear the entire song, a dialog will pop up to confirm.
!bpm will change the beats (4 notes blocks) per minute, eg “!bpm 130”
!page or !p will jump to the specified page, eg “!page 10”, “!p 10”
For multi-link you wire the desired master E2 e2link to the desired slave E2 e2ent.

Thanks to Zoombahh for coding the multi-screen synchronisation, it’s great for more complicated songs, omicron for helping out with some of the interface code and MoPaZoDoZ for the awesome intro in the video. Thanks to the above and the following for bug testing and writing music for WM Studio: Wenli, Divran, Rasa, Volvox

This download contains my entire collection of music as well as the Adv Dupe of WM Studio.


Very clever.


(Why do I keep thinking about keygen music when I’m watching the vid…)

Kind of like an FL Studio: Gmod Edtion.

omg sick

Well holy shit

This is… Epic

Dear christ, this is exactly the kind of thing that I would never try to do in E2, or any other language without function or object support. Very well done.

wish there was some way to get these notes in tune :confused:

Gave you a heart because I love you for making this. C:

They are in tune. your speakers just suck I’m guessing.

A few suggestions id have would be:

-show the note your currently hovering over (ie. F#/Gb)
-ability to change the octave
-ability to change the sound without looking through 1000 lines of code

Some of the tunes in the video sounded off though. It sounded out of tune and the timing was a bit off, but I guess that was the fault of whoever ‘painted’ the songs.

Although I am tempted to try and get Koyaanisqatsi playing on this.

I was using it and played each key with my keyboard. They sound tuned to me.

In that case, excellent, nice work. :slight_smile: