Wire oscilloscope radar. With no messy rangers and no laggy holograms

I was always sick and tired of those radars that used rangers and holo emitters. They where always laggy and had no practical application whatsoever as the only had an incredibly thin plane of view that the enemy would have to kindly stick themselves into for it to see them.

So one day i think to myself “hang on, I’m doing a math a level and have a good understanding of bearings and trig” so i sat down and drew out a rough sketch as to how it would work. Turns out it was remarkably simple, here is a picture that i did in paint of that sketch:


All you need to do then is wire the X and Y values of the oscilloscope on the multiplier out values.
also the beacon sensor needs to be attached to the platform the moving gyro is attached to and the gyro outputs are YAW.

Then i went into gmod and built it. Took me 15 minutes tops but by the end I had a working radar that (the screen anyway) could be carried around. and a mechanism that can be miniaturised and fitted into anything, tanks, cars, planes you name it!

here is a video to show you that it works.

I was never very good at wire so its rather messy. I’m sure you boffins could make an expression to save on the number of chips.

Also as it uses a beacon sensor, you can essentially target anything, but using it to track players would probably be the best thing.

And yes i know its very simple, but this has not been done before to my knowledge and it could even revolutionise Gmod warfare. (here’s hoping anyway)

very nice. Maybe you should E2ify this?

i dont think you can e2 it no offense karbine i had the same exact feeling of annoyance with holo emitters and tryed making a oscilliscope radar with e2 it ended up failing D: of course this guys a lot smarter so he might be able to pull it off nice job i congratulate you 100% thanks for tutorial also imma show this off to a friend who said it couldnt be done with oscilliscope :smiley:


hold on, what is the chip below the beacon sensor

If Setze can make a lag-free mech and Edberg can build a helicopter, than by God is this possible in E2.

Fsck it, I will go into GMod and write out an E2 if it will make you happy.

In fact, I’m going to go do it right now. Was going to go play Audiosurf and get drunk but fsck that too.

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I can’t make heads or tails of the wiring. If the chip below the Beacon Sensor is an Is in Range chip, is it inclusive or exclusive? And what are the two chips below that exactly?



OP’s wiring doesn’t work. I just tried it all out and it fails. I get the impression he left out something though.

Good work with the radar, (I’m simply sidestepping the children and their fight about e2.) one minor issue though, Why not use a larger oscilloscope?


  • I dunno if you said so in OP (hung over) but can it track stuff no matter what height it has or something? like if I put that on the top of a skyscraper I can see peo+ple coming towards me on the fround?

Hmm, I’l go and double check to see if i missed something out. I shall report back by the end of the day. As i said, i was never very good at wire :P.


Yes, I missed out a couple of [equal] gates,

there is a triple value (3 values) that i havnt included in the diagram. these are 5, -5 and 1. you can see where they go from the diagram. Sorry about the confusing nature of my writing. i was never very good at keeping a coherent sentence.



Bang on, it works like an atual old radar, showing direction at any elevation or distance.

awesome. you should make like some small radar station and use it in warfare. Like a small bunker so you can sit in there and doesn’t afraid of anything,

I have also realised that using E2 would make this alot better and would give it a much faster scan rate, but i can’t get my head around how to use it. So i guess this is a plea for someone to redo this in E2 and if you can then i guess you deserve all the credit as, to be honest this is very simple, whereas E2 is challenging.

Hey this is kinda nice, I will E2ify this for myself :).

Nice. Yay for no E2.

looks alot better thanks imma go make it :smiley:

Actually no, the limiting factor is how fast the oscilloscope refreshes.

I put it all into E2, and I had to change some stuff around.

It worked well enough.

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