Wire Remote Detonator V2

Hello Everyone! I’m back with Version Two of my Wire Remote Detonator. This was also a way for me to make my first view model, so I hope to go on and make even better SWEPs.

------ Changes ------

  1. Created a custom view model (my first one).
  2. Optimized the LUA code.


To use it, Spawn the Wire Remote Detonator SWep.
Then use the Remote Detonator STool and place the receiver anywhere.
Feel free to wire up explosives to it. The signal input is triggered when
you press the left mouse button while linked. The armed input
is toggled with R while linked. Then press the right mouse
button while looking at a receiver to link to the it. Then finally press
the left mouse button to DETONATE!!!

Created with code segments from the Wire Laser Reciever Stool and Laser Pointer Swep created by the Wiremod Team.
The remote model is made by sHiBaN and Racer445.

Ok now stop reading and blow shit up!!!


Previous Version - http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=22156233

— Images —



Cool, a better version.

Though you may want to add the info from previous version, so people know how to use it. I had to take a look at the other thread.

Ok. I updated the post with the info

Hurray, loved the first version, too bad no servers are going to use it.
Kicks some random server owners face

This shit is fucking awesome.

Though the detonating animation sucks. I was hoping for him to hold it flat than the other hand to come down on it in a dramatic fashion to demonstrate the magnitude of power you are unleashing (Or to be ironic when all it does is activate a simple slingshot or some bullshit)

Ok ill put that in V3. It was my first view model anyways, it was just for practice.

(i was too lazy to make another thread.)
People were suggesting that I should make a better animation for the detonator. SO I DID! And now it is 9001 percent awesomer!

------ Changes ------

  1. Updated view model with epic button pushing





VERY nice. I’m downloading it right now.


Hm… Think you could do a more modern looking detonator, something like the one for the S.L.A.M?

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Oh… Nevermind, i think i’ll just install the original now…

First screen is awesome, i love it.