Wire Sliding Door

I have been looking everywhere and I want a Door that will slide open and then close in about 2 seconds. I want a keypad on one side and a button on the other. I’m trying to make a base on my server but I can’t seem to figure it out. My friend has done it but he won’t tell me how. If you know how to do this with “Wire” and the “Doors Tool” please tell me.

Not looking for a swinging door. Looking for a SLIDING door. NOT AUTOMATIC

The Door STool can’t be wired. Search on youtube for “gmod wire door”. You should easily find something.

I cant seem to find what I want on Youtube. But please send a link of something if you can.

I can’t put a link, but search on garrysmod.org for “wire door” theres the stool and some adv. dupes you could surely modify to your needs.

I found something on google! :slight_smile:

Ok then!

You can do the same kind of slideing door with pxh, wire hydrolics, sliders, and precision. if your lazy just wire teh hydrolics to a toggleable button with 0 and whatever the hydrocics returned when the doors are closed; always workes for me.

ok nevermind that one I found on google did not work xD


  • 1 Wire Hydraulic
  • 1 Prop to be a door
  • 1 Surface to attach the hydraulic’s other end to (The world counts)
  • 1 Wire Object (i.e. button) to open/close the door.

I’ll let you figure it out from there.