Wire Sound Emitter List

Edit: V4 is now RELEASED

LINK: http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=56174

  • here are some screenshots of the new version and the changes that have been made to It:


You now have a choice of where to send the sound. The main improvement is that you can now send the sound to the Emitter.


Another new addition is that there is now a Directory Scanner so that you never have to remember the name of the lists again.


I have been hearing a lot about people wanting to use the wired sound emitter but they do not know where the files are located

So i made this big menu with some of the sounds and the ability to preview them before you are able to send the sounds to the console to be copied

I can add more menus with sounds if people like this, and if you do you can email me at bloodnok16@adam.com.au

To use this menu bind a key to sounds_menu


Edit: V2 released!, New menus including: car sounds, items and weapons sounds, platforms and more


Edit: V3 Realeased!, New features include the ability to open and close all the menus by holding down a key just like the q menu using +sounds_menu and -sounds_menu, new sound lists, a button on the start menu that allows you to stop all playing sounds (for convenience its the stopsounds command) and a few more features

V3 (old)

In v3 people had problems with the menu including the spread of the menus (because it was designed at a resolution of 1440 x 900 it would not fit on smaller screens). Another problem was that people could not drag the windows and an improvement was suggested that there be an easy copy feature which I have included in this fixed release

V3 (Fixed Version)

Edit: V4_Beta Released

In this version the custom sound module is included and with it are 3 more sound lists that you can load with the custom sounds module.

These sound lists are:

simply type any of those into the load menu and it will bring them up
however in this version the delete entry button does not work yet,

you can bring up the menu the same way as the previous versions with +sounds_menu

Great idea! I always wondered where players would get these songs. Downloading now!

Is is possible to make a menu that displays all sounds, so that people with custom sounds don’t have cluttered sound lists? (Stargate downloaders have a huge clutter of Stargate sounds in the soundlist)

Do you mean the ones in the wiremod sound emitter list? Because i have completely ignored them and written a list of my own, Can you clarify what you mean?

Does the server need this on it, or is it clientside?

Purely clientside, so you can use it no matter what server you are on

Woohoo!! Got my download!

Very helpful!

Very Nice I Love This

Thank you for all the good feedback, but can you post any questions you have about it, and any possible improvements you want me to make for v3? I am already looking into a hold option so that you do not have to quit out of every menu every time you open a new menu.

So any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I always wanted to know the name of the Citadel Pod Sounds, and now I do. And this can play the sounds too! Also, can you add in ambient sound loops?

sure i will add the ambient sounds to the alarm sound list


if anyone would like more features let me know and i will start on a v4 of the script with the requests :slight_smile:

Great Idea this is very helpful you have my download :slight_smile: keep at it it would be very useful for elevators etc,

Pretty good, and it’s client sided, thanks for it

Maybe a easy copy and paste from your menu rather then sending it to the console every time?

I think its a gr8 thing but i really want the ambient sounds for rp but they apear of the side of my screen and i cant drag them into the middel any advice?

Well i do have 1 problem. I cant drag the lists into place so i can read and use them. The only menu i can use is the music and buttons. The rest i can either not see the start or music or just not see the start button.

Ah ok well i have made this menu assuming people have a resolution of 1440 by 900, I will change it so that they all start close together and are draggable, The next feature i was going to add was going to be a custom sound list where people can add their own sounds to the list if they wanted to

Is this just your prelisted sounds or does it list all sounds?

Oh wow thanks man. that will be really useful.