Wire SVN Problem

Don’t worry, this is not a “OMG I HATE SVN” thread. This is a legit problem. Well, I had noticed some wire dupes weren’t working several months ago. I chalked this up to an update breaking the dupes. I also was getting a lot of error spam from one particular lua script. I went and deleted the script and then ran updated it from the svn. I got an error telling me that the repository had been relocated to 'http://svn.wiremod.com/svn/wiremod/wire.’ I went to relocate to that, and I got the error: OPTIONS of’http://svn.wiremod.com/svn/wiremod/wire: 200 OK (http://svn.wiremod.com)

I looked around, but couldn’t find any other svn urls that aren’t from less than 4 years ago. I noticed that my wire folder and my adv dupe folder in addons have a red exclamation point instead of the friendly green check mark.

Because I can’t restore that script, my wire is now totally broken unless I’m on a server. Also, I don’t know when it started, but I can’t see anything but blackness on wire displays. I assume this is all due to having a broken SVN link. I’m hoping there’s an easy solution, could someone provide me with one?

My SVN tutorial has a small list of some of the more useful SVNs.
SVN Tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

Thanks a bunch Divran. I’m downloading it now and will let you know if it worked.