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hello everyone. I have one small problem. I can’t get this wire SVN working. I did as the guide told me, downloaded tortoise SVN, restarted and all that… and i pressed SVN Checkout and then entered https://www.gmodforge.com/svn/wire. But after small time i get this message: OPTIONS of ‘https://www.gmodforge.com/svn/wire’: could not connect to server (https://www.gmodforge.com)

WHY does it do that ? WHATS wrong with it ? i am doing it right exactly how the guide is saying!

Please help quick…
i need wire!



finally it worked there was an weird error but its works! so, thanks to wiremod who created it no need to answer.

That’s the wrong URL. You should be using https://svn.wiremod.com/svn/wiremod/wire/ with username and password of anonsvn.

I do that but then it says like moved temperarily to https://svn.wiremod.com/svn/wiremod/wire/ and that i need to relocate help what do i do!

try this one https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/

The correct SVN link is on my tutorial: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

I cant find Wire mod! D:


the url works but it sais this is not a valid path to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\undead_scourge\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\ undead scourge is my name :stuck_out_tongue:
pleas help.

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your tut is not for wiremod is it?

y u no post in right section


Go to Wiremod.com to get the instructions for installing Wiremod.

Yes, his tutorial does have Wiremod. Near the bottom of his post, he has a bunch of SVN links. If you can’t find it, press ctrl+f, and type ‘wiremod’

There ya go, you’ll have the link you need, and you’ll be at a tutorial that shows you how to use the link!

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