Wire textscreen error?

I downloaded Wire SVN and it worked but console get spammed by errors when im close a textscreen I cant see whats on it either can somebody help me? Plz

Sorry for bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Addons list?
Often an addon such as puddle jumper SVN can cause this, although PJ would only spam when aiming at it.

The only addons I got is PHX SVN and WIRE SVN

Downloaded using an SVN client?

Yes but its still spamming errors who is VERRY annyoning in RP

Can you tell us the errors?

I get these and have done since the update that broke wire. I’ve completely reinstalled since and it still happens, so I have no idea what’s causing it.

It’s obviously a bug in Wiremod. They break text screens every other update. lol.

Well is it possible to remove the bug?

I know how to fix it.

Goto your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/wire/lua/wire/client folder and delete the “toolscreen.lua” file.

It’s that simple. :slight_smile:

Any questions?