Wire Textscreen Stand-a-lone

Could someone go through the Wire files, and just get me the Wire Textscreen? I’d highly appreciate this, cause Wire lag’s the crap outta my server.

100 Ping on join, 9 second db access with wire.
21 Ping on join, 1 second db access without wire.

It’s too much of a gamble, not worth it, but my players want that one tool. Highly appreciated:)

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1012141 – Server lag thread

-bumpp !

How are you expecting just the text screen to work without the rest of wire?

I think he wants a text screen like wire that you can just type in what you want, adjust a few settings and paste the fucker. Easy.

might want to update your wire. mine dosen’t lag at all

Exactly what he said, with a tad of humor too. :slight_smile:

If that’s possible though.

Any solutions? :open_mouth:

Also, updating doesn’t work. Wire’s a massive resource eater. I want like… WireLite. Or WireAntiMinge.


He could have it without the rest of wire. Couldn’t he? Just get the base ent, the wire stool, and the constant value on string. Boom?

edit: And derp, the text screen.

OMG just take the entity out of wiremod and the related STOOL… its not that hard…

Its not that simple. The wire text screen requires wire gpu, plus the tool loader, and the wire stool, and then that probably requires wirelib.

I would probably try deleting all the folders in addons/wire/lua/entities/ except for wire_text_screen and see if that stops your lag and hopefully it wont mess up wire.

Probably the most meaningful post here, no thanks to melindagreen here. >__>

Anyways, i’ll see how that goes :3, thanks =]

Nevermind, Im starting to make the standalone.