Wire Textscreen Standalone

Download Wire Textscreen v1.0 Standalone @ MediaFire

So a few days ago, I found out wire isn’t too good on my server (resource hog), so I decided to remove it.
But than I really wanted Text Screens for RP’ers to Advertise, so I came up with this.
It took me bout 2 hours to figure everything out, (Im not that good @ lua).

Anyways, I hope this comes to use somehow, it’s alot more resource lite than the usual wire.




Screenie 1
Screenie 2

Screenies not working >:(


CREDITS to the Wiremod Team, for creating Wire<3.
/hugs :smiley:

So you basicly took wiremod ripped everything out of it but what is required for screens(not even that you left unnecassary stuff in it anyway) and you release it.

Did I get that right?


Also you did not give a credit to the wiremod team and did not remove the svn files.

Everyone know’s who made wire, duh. Like its pretty strait forward, but i’ll add that in.

SVN files, im too lazy, people have lives y’know.

And you waste their lifetime with with this…
If you can read this is the RELEASE section which means you gotta spend some time in what you want to release.

In other words :effort:


Go troll somewhere else.

Sir, he is not trolling.
Wait, you’re a 10’er, not a Sir.
My mistake.

Oh, and keep using the -.- emote, facepunch LOVES it.

Another stealing + 1 minute work. YAY. Also, damn those 10’ers.

What is the point? atleast write something new instead of ripping someone elses programming AND models.

The point is, wire is useless. Anywhere else than sandbox, wire is a complete resource hog. Im sick of FP not understanding other peoples idea’s. Obviously, if I typed like this "omg gai dont hate’ I’d look like a 10’er. I’m not 10, I’m 15. But you choose to believe whatever. In my standpoint, this is a RP related thing. Stealing, I am not. Nice ban btw.

I agree, it is shit.

Wire is good if you know how to use it correctly. It’s only < 12 year olds that have no clue what arithmetic gates are that think it is useless.

10’er means you joined in 2010, not that you’re 10 years old.

Sometimes true

Sometimes NOT