Wire Thruster, Help!

I have seen quite a few people in games now being able to wire thrusters so they activate at a certain height and keep a prop stable in mid air.

How do i do this??? And what thrusters are they, are they vector or just regular wire thrusters?

Well, there’s a few ways you can do it. If you use just one wire thruster, you need to either place it epically perfect in the center of mass (Havok inaccuracy is going to kill this), or use the Keep Upright tool on that prop.

From there, you are going to want a GPS. Altitude is the Z output. This should be under Detection category.


So basically, you need a compare less than gate which outputs one when your current altitude is less than your specified altitude. Feel free to use a constant value, a wired radio, whatever you choose to specify that altitude. This is your test for the need to apply thruster at all.

Use an arithmetic multiply gate to multiply the output of your less than gate by your desired thruster force. You can set this with a constant value or any other method, but if you feel like getting advanced and/or playing with math, use an mathematical log of the difference between the desired altitude and your current altitude. This will smooth your output by making the thruster force much greater further down from your target, and little force at the top to minimize overshoot and bouncing.

If you want to use a vector thruster, use math. :stuck_out_tongue: