Wire: Turret control help

What I’m going for here is a wire-controlled turret that operates by means of an Adv. Pod Controller, the key elements of which being thrusters and weld latches.

Here are some screenshots of the gun in question; not quite finished, but since the airship on which they’re mounted is quite large and complex, it’s best that they remain as simple as possible to keep my flagship from becoming a lagship-

I plan for it to operate as follows-

The turret’s vertical-aiming and swiveling components are held in place by weld latches, and are manipulated by thrusters. While a thruster is activated to move a component (for example, swiveling the gun to the left or right), the weld latch for that component is released. For example, pressing “w” while in the seat would aim the cannon up by firing a thruster that moves it upward and releasing a weld latch that keeps the gun in place; when “w” is released, the latch reactivates.

You get the idea.

However, I find it difficult to control both the weld latches and the thrusters from a pod controller; since latches are deactivated by default, my only given option is to make it so they can be turned on, rather than off, when I press a key.

IN SUMMARRY, how can I make it so a pod controller turns a weld-latch off rather than on?

I could also use a rundown on making mouse-aimed turrets, so I don’t have to settle for the cheapass SBEP ones, but that’s another story.

The least laggy way of doing it would be to use applyForce.
I could try to cook something up for you… But if you’d rather want thrusters, which are more laggy, I suppose I could help you with that as well.

Edit: Thrusters are more laggy because thrusters use the exact same thing as applyForce (also Vector Thrusters), except you need to use SEVERAL thrusters, whereas with applyForce you only need ONE.

Not entirely sure how to use ApplyForce…

Plus, my major problem is using constraint latches using an adv. Pod Controller.

Well,write a simple little E2 thingy like

while (W==1) {Latch=0}
else {Latch=1}