Wired car . with soundz ?

Hey, im makin a car with soundz . but i wonder… can u make soundz when u gear up and such ? coz i usualy do like this

Sound emitter e.x apc_loop1 — to adv pod controller W

so when i press W the sound will come… but i want to have gearing/shifting sounds … but i dont know how to make it ?

Can somone help me plz :smiley: ?

I bet you that someone is going to recommend E2 in this thread; it isn’t always god damn required.

lol ok :smiley:

It gets shit done and it’s alot easier.

Assign the shifting gears sounds to a different key. It will have to be manual, but that’s the best that can work with just basic wiring.

Also, try not to say things like “lol :D” and “plz” and “coz” and don’t add a Z to words. I know you’re new, but people tend to frown upon things like that in the community.

ahh ok sry :smiley: btw . i can use smilies ?

Don’t use any “txt” things. Just use proper grammar. It’s strongly suggested.

Make a Sound Emitter, Speedometer, Constant Value, and Multiply gate.

Wire the Sound Emitter’s “Pitch” to the Multiply gate.
Multiply gate “A” to the Speedometer, “B” to the Constant Value.
Make the Constant Value have a number lower than 1 (Like 0.7 or 0.4).
Sound Emitter’s “A” to the Pod Controller’s “Active”.

Done. When the speedometer moves while you’re inside the vehicle, it should change pitch depending on how fast you move. I used this technique for a boat I made a while back; however, I think I used a buggy sound.

By the way, if the pitch is too high, try making the number in the Constant Value lower.

Ahh ok awesome ! thank you !

Sure, no problem. Glad to help.

But bout the gear shifting. Well if you can wire it so that when it reaches a certain speed it plays the gear shift sound then you’re done!

Simple. Add another variable to the Constant Value and another Sound Emitter with the shifting sound. Make a “Greater or equal to” gate.

Set the new value to the speed you want it played at.
Wire “A” of the Sound Emitter to the “Greater/Equal to” gate.
Wire “A” of the “G/E” gate to the speedometer.
Wire “B” of the “G/E” gate to the new Constant Value number.

Done. :smiley:

Waaaiit… Doesn’t that mean that it will play the sound as long as the speed is equal to or greater than say… 15 mph? So if he goes over that speed he will get endlessly spammed with gear changing noise?

I thought that only worked for looped sounds? If I messed up, then replace the “G/E” gate with an “Equals” gate.