Wired Donation Box?

Hi, i joined a roleplaying server recently. And i discovered that some people made donation boxes through wire?
There were a button saying Donate. And a text screen that said:" Donate 50$ ", and if you pressed the button. You lost the 50$. And the person who made the box, got them.

Does anyone know, how to create that? I’d love a toturial for it.

running console commands on the player that used it is how its done. This is frowned uppon though.


User A makes the box.
User B presses use on the box.

code runs that runs client console commands on User Bs Box without UserB knowing. eg. "say “/dropmoney LOADS OF MONEY”. Or how about “bind w quit”.

Its just bad.

Its a button, a box, a screen, a command box

Not lua at all, SO GTFO!

What is wire made from? Lua. So you get out.

I have this on my server, I made it. It’s called a tipjar. Money touches entity, the money is given to the owner.

Wire is made from lua, this person dosent wanna know anything to do with lua!

well anyway i think we can rap this thread up nicely. no more comments

Havnt you read anything? Even the thread title? “Wired Donation Box”, Which means its to do with wire.

Noodle Man can’t read, that’s why.

Wow, so what, what he wants is a donation box using wire

he dosent won’t to lua code one

Interesting that this is posted in the Lua scripting board.

connas command box does this

make your own lua script for it