Wired Donation Box?

Hi, i joined a roleplaying server recently. And i discovered that some people made donation boxes through wire?
There were a button saying Donate. And a text screen that said:" Donate 50$ ", and if you pressed the button. You lost the 50$. And the person who made the box, got them.

Does anyone know, how to create that? I’d love a toturial for it.

For one, it would require knowledge of lua, and admin on the server.
Try asking in the lua section.

Why you would use wire for that, I will never understand.

Lua section would be where to look.

It’s probably E2. And knowledge of the lua_run and/or lua_run_cl commands.

The thing is, it wasen’t the admin that created the boxes.
He actually flipped out because the boxes was all over the map.

any body can spawn an Expression 2 Chip (E2), so if he was using one, that would make sense.

Yes, indeed.

But the next step is, how do you such a box?

Or conna’s command box. I’d guess it was conna’s box with lua_run_cl. Because E2 can’t run commands on other people (only the owner of the chip).