Wired RT Camera

Something that I think would be useful for RP or for building forts would be wired RT cameras. This way you would not see other peoples security videos. It should have a Wired Camera, Wired RT Screen, and Wired Camera Hub. This way the cameras go straight to a specific screen, and can only be controlled by the owner.

Impossible in Source engine.

You can only have one RT camera active at any one time.

A little necro posting, I searched and this was the newest thread to what i wanted.

What i wanted was the same thing, a camera linked to it’s own screen. As turby mentioned you can only have 1 RT camera.
BUT heres the thing.
Dystopia supports multiple RT cameras on their jack in points.
And portal supports it on the portals themselves.

So why can’t garry add support for this? It’s simple, he can. He would have to allow it in the code itself, before it can be supported by lua. Each RT camera would have to have it’s own ID, and each screen would need it’s own.

The support is there. You only need to make a small text file IIRC (or something along those lines).

i wish this was possible instead of using the button screen. garry should make a new security cam tool for wire mod