Wired Servo

After about a day of sitting on this thing, I think I’m OK with releasing it as a beta. Here’s my second take on the wired servo problem, except this one does exactly what I had intended for it to do. Here’s what it does:

  • Accepts a direction input (1 for clockwise, -1 for counter clockwise, and 0 for smart-acquire mode (rotates in the direction that will acquire the desired angle fastest)
  • Accepts an angle input, and will rotate until it achieves the desired angle…
  • …Once it achieves the desired angle, it will either weld itself stopped, or just brake (doesn’t work perfectly, use friction for the non-weld stopping to work better)
  • Outputs its angle (when used in conjunction with non-weld mode, the servo can be used as a rotation-input device

Besides that added functionality, I built the servo off of the wired wheel tool, so it also has a torque and friction slider in the context menu. And also due to the wired wheel base, you can use any model that the wired wheel can use.

One issue that I’m looking into resolving: a few of the models (big, rusty wheels) have vector-related problems that will report only either 90 or 270 degrees. Don’t use these models in the meantime, and once I get to the bottom of the issue, I’ll fix those.

And a note for use: the faster (i.e. more torque or SpeedMod) this thing rotates, the less accurate this will be. This is because of the Think function, so there’s no real way around this problem. At reasonable speeds, it’s accurate within a few degrees, but if you slow it down, you can get it pretty close to the exact angle you want.

Here’s a very brief video showing what it does:


Here’s the link to download:


Let me know if there are any other issues with it.

Nice job, this could be great for robots and mechs alike! :smiley:

Aw! :frowning: I was hoping for a robot called Servo (anyone play Sims 2?)

I remember the old one, this looks amazing. Can it move any amount of weight or stay stable when being moved around?

Um…what does it do?

Brilliant for turrets/robots etc. Nice work. Should be integrated into official wire.

This looks like a very, very useful tool; Thank you, sir.

Here’s a link to the newest edition of the servo, after a long hiatus. This thing doesn’t have the bugs the last one does, and works pretty much perfectly.