Wired timer

I am trying to create a dragstrip with a timer but im not sure how to do it. i want to use one wired ranger to start the timer and one ranger to stop the timer with a screen to show the time. thanks

I could do it with expression2, cos i’m out of practice with gates. I doubt it would help you to learn.

Either way.

@name Drag strip
@inputs R1 R2
@outputs Time
@persist Toggle
interval(100)#change to 1000 for no decimals, and 10 for 2 decimal places.
if (R1 & ~R1) {Toggle = 1}
if (R2 & ~R2) {Toggle = 0}
if (Toggle & clk()) {Time += 0.1}#change this to 1 for no decimals, and 0.01 for 2 decimal places.

I’m going to go and make a gate solution for you.

Forgot to say, wire screen to timer.
I did this to test paint.net. Sure I could make it look nicer, but it seems alright.
Also, I don’t believe your username to be correct.

Thanks a lot got it working. Your right my user name is steve87iroc without the z.

Your welcome. Please add me to steam.