Wireframe in some props.

So i have problem that all kind of screens like televisions has wireframe in it’s screen. Only in map props, if i spawn television or something like it myself, it shows normal. This happens in every map where is screens like this. When i look wireframe screen, there’s coming somekind of message to console. Something like: Shader is too thin and small. I dunno. Can you help? :fuckyou: PS: This started about 3 days ago. I didn’t download anything that causes this. I think?
And screenshots:

I need help!

Fuck. -.-

What graphics card do you have?

And try turning your graphic settings down.
or if they’re down all the way.
try turning them up.

Wireframe shows missing texture. Make sure you even have that texture…

Nvidia Geforce 8600 GS, never had problems like this. And tried rasing and lowering settings. Started about 3 DAYS AGO. Sorry caps.


I had it while ago. Maybe i deleted it accidentally. Well, i figure it out somehow…

I really need help, i don’t want to uninstall. I have too much models and materials.

I had the same issue with some map called Map Makers dream house or something. The TV had the same thing. The only game I am missing is Portal

Fixed, i copied every file from Source Materials.gcf to gmods materials. Thank you for the help anyway. :slight_smile: