Wireframe rope?

Well, when I start up a map, the rope seem to be wired frame. I don’t really know what to do, help?




Is the rope using an invalid shader?

Well I’m not completely sure.

Step 1) Delete source materials.gcf in SteamApps
Step 2) Let Steam redownload it
Step 3) ???
Step 4) PROFIT!!

…Or so I think. But really, you should try that.

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Or he could just verify integrity of the game cache, which will only re-download the files that are corrupt, instead of the entire 2 gig of textures.

Still wired frame. :eng99:

Problem still not solved…


Is really annoying, I need to make my comic but the wired frame rope seems too distracting.

i think you need to look on materials a folder named “cable” and delete it

Yay, its fixed! Thanks Earl. <3