Wireframe wires?

Anytime I play on a map that has some sort of powerlines, they show up as a white wireframe. It happens when I play Gmod on tf2 maps, as well as HL2 maps, but not in the other games themselves.


I’ve verified the game files of garrys mod, hl2, and tf2, and it is still there.

I’m running Windows 7 64bit premium
an Nvidia 9800gt
6gb of ram
AMD Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition.

any ideas?

it’ll probably just be an incompatibility with windows 7, your hardware and the games. It’ll probably fix it’s self at some point, after some more updates for all 3 things above.

The thing is that it didn’t do this on the same computer just with vista.

So it’s a Windows 7 issue.

Windows 7 is still ridiculously new, so give it some time to fix itself.

Windows 7 uses the same drivers from nvidia for vista…