Wiremod - alternative to Counter Strike plasmas?

Hello, i wanted to ask if there is any alternative to the default models for screens. My problem is that i don’t have Counter Strike so instead of the screen i see error and i have to use only the tiny ones :X. So, is there any way to use non-cs models? (I think in PHX there were some monitors, but i have no idea how to make them work in wiremod) Or is there any place to download just the models (or alternatives)? I tried the LUA fix i found on wiremod forums but that just made it unable to spawn them (:D).


Get your wiremod via SVN (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324)
You’ll download the Wire Model Pack, included, which has custom screen models.

I have downloaded wiremod via SVN, my problem is that it uses some of the Counter Strike models which i don’t have…

Just buy cs:s, that’s what I did to solve this lol.
I occasionally play cs:s now too.